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The problems and challenges encountered by NMR and MRI research scientists motivated the development of Magritek’s solutions. Our products are the result of years of research by our team of world experts in NMR.


Spinsolve is a high resolution benchtop FT-NMR Spectrometer. It uses standard 5mm NMR tubes and is the fastest compact NMR Spectrometer available today. It has applications in research, industry, reaction monitoring, synthetic chemistry and education.

Kea is a compact, modular, pulse-programmable spectrometer. Kea models are available operating from DC to 400 MHz, with a range of options such as a second transmit channel, high stability oven controlled oscillator, plug-in RF, and gradient control modules. The modularity of this instrument fits a variety of NMR and MRI applications in both low field and superconducting high field systems.


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