Real time reaction monitoring with benchtop NMR

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Real time reaction monitoring with benchtop NMR

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As costs for energy and raw materials continue to rise, it becomes more critical for chemists to be able to mimic a reaction or to quantify the parameters required to produce a final product without the difficulty and expense of using production facilities. To be able to recreate a production process on a lab bench is therefore highly desirable for many chemists.


The Spinsolve suite of benchtop NMR spectrometers offers users a choice: from the 1H system suited to a teaching laboratory to systems offering 13C, 19F and 31P to address advanced characterization studies. Reactants may be pumped continuously from the reactor to the NMR spectrometer and back again to provide reaction kinetics: to determine reaction end points; and to identify intermediates and products. The reaction itself can be carried out at temperatures of up to about 100 °C.

Why on-line?

  • Determine reaction end points
  • Identify intermediates and by-products
  • Determine reaction kinetics
  • Maximise yields
  • Terminate failing reactions early
  • Avoid sample preparation and isolation
  • Real time information
  • Save time and cost

Why Spinsolve NMR?

  • Chemically specific
  • Quantitative for all species
  • Provides structural information
  • Solvent-independent calibration
  • No deuterated solvents needed
  • High spectral resolution
  • Excellent time resolution
  • High stability with external lock

You can download a PDF file of the Magritek Reaction Monitoring Brochure here.

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