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Advanced Software for NMR and MRI acquisition and analysis
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Prospa© v3.1 is a fast, flexible, fully featured and easy-to-use software package designed for the processing and display of multi-dimensional NMR imaging data sets.

prospamanualUse Prospa to:

  • Import raw NMR experimental data from your commercial spectrometer
  • Generate velocity, diffusion and relaxation images
  • Customise data processing using a simple macro language which features a powerful multi-dimensional matrix manipulation command set
  • Visualise data in a range of image styles and formats
  • Export results in a variety of image and data formats

The Prospa software package is specifically designed for scientists and researchers working in the field of NMR imaging where NMR specific data and image processing is required.

Prospa is easily customisable. In addition to the simple-to-use macro language, specialised NMR data processing functions, optimised for processing speed, can be incorporated into the software without upgrading the application.