Add Rheo measurement capability to your NMR spectrometer
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Rheo NMR Features

The Bruker Rheo-NMR system contains everything required to immediately perform Rheo-NMR experiments with a Bruker NMR Spectrometer.

The Rheo-NMR system includes

  • Rheo-NMR controller
  • Motor and motor gearbox
  • Drive interface and adapter
  • Drive shaft
  • Cell kit

The Rheo-NMR Controller drives the motor at the required rate and can accept signals from a range of sources, such as the spectrometer. Thus, the Rheo-NMR system can be driven directly from the spectrometer’s pulse programs.

The Rheo-NMR Cell Kit includes

  • Cone and plate cell
  • Couette cell
  • Cross hatched Couette cylinder
  • 1/4″ Drive converter
  • Couette pin removal tool
  • 4″ and 7″ cone
  • Torque disk
  • 1.5 mm Allen key

More detailed information on the features of the Bruker Rheo-NMR system.