Non-destructive subsurface layer profiling
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NMR Mouse Features

Solvent ingress into polymers

Profiles showing the structure of a gasoline tank wall and the ingress of gasoline for different exposure times. An interesting application of the profile NMR-MOUSE® is the study of dynamic transport processes happening at the material surface, such as the ingress of solvents into solid materials.

Multi-layer cement materials

Profile of a multi-layer polymer coating used to protect concrete surfaces from environmental corrosion. In many cases, not only high spatial resolution but also a large penetration depth, is desired. It can be achieved with the PM10, which provides a penetration depth of 10 mm.

Non-destructive characterisation of paintings

The conservation of cultural heritage is a particular field where the use of non-destructive characterisation methods is mandatory considering the uniqueness of the object under study.

Profiling human skin in vivo

Taking advantage of the high spatial resolution achieved with the profile-MOUSE the skin structure can be studied in vivo.