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Magritek NMR and MRI products bring the unique measurement capabilities of these advanced technologies to a broad range of applications outside the traditional laboratory. Magritek provides portable magnet and spectrometer technology for novel research and industrial NMR products operating in new and previously inaccessible environments.


Spinsolve compact NMR spectrometer with high resolution for chemistry education, synthetic chemistry, and reaction monitoring applications. Easy to use and and high SNR.

Kea NMR and MRI Spectrometer Consoles

Kea is our newest generation Kea2 digital NMR Spectrometer console series, with models operating from 0 to 400 MHz. Options include dual transmit channels, high stability oven controlled oscillator, and a four channel imaging module. The Kea uses all-digital sampling for a very low noise receive chain.

Rheo NMR Accessory

Rheo-NMR is an accessory for high field NMR spectrometers. Rheo-NMR makes NMR measurements on samples under shear.

Spinsolve 60

The Magritek Spinsolve 60 NMR spectrometer sets a new standard for 60 MHz benchtop NMR instruments. The Spinsolve 60 spectrometer provides high quality spectra right where it is needed Рat your laboratory bench.



Profile NMR-MOUSE, is a unique and powerful single sided NMR probe. It can be delivered as a complete, integrated system using the Kea Spectrometer and software.

Rock Core Analyzer

2 MHz NMR Rock Core Analyzer is a new and powerful instrument designed for measuring rock samples from hydrocarbon reservoirs. Features include short tau and high SNR.


Terranova-MRI is a safe, compact and affordable teaching instrument system for the fundamentals of NMR and MRI. Watch our set of tutorial videos.