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Undergraduate chemistry education with Spinsolve benchtop NMR

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“Now the students are able to acquire their own NMR spectra as well as carry out the analysis of the compounds they have made. This makes their undergraduate experiment more applicable to both research and industry settings and increases their enthusiasm for chemistry.” -Professor Frances Separovic, Head of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne

Spinsolve is the perfect way to provide high throughput NMR as part of an undergraduate teaching program. The high sensitivity and advanced capability means it is fast and informative, critically important for a busy class. Spinsolve provides convenient, high performance NMR at a fraction of the cost of traditional NMR systems. The small footprint of the instrument means that it can be placed on the bench in the lab, right next to where students prepare their samples. The stray magnetic field is completely contained within the instrument case, so there is no risk of wiping credit cards or damaging watches.

Thanks to the exceptional sensitivity, students can obtain informative spectra within a minute of sample preparation. This is important for large laboratory classes, where often hundreds of samples need to measured by students. The operating costs are very low, as no liquid cryogens are required. Deuterated solvents are not necessary, and low-cost budget NMR tubes can be used.

The Magritek Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometer is ideally suited to teaching undergraduates chemists

Spinsolve software is beautiful and intuitive which means it can be easily operated by anyone in the chemistry lab with minimal training. Most experiments can be run with a single click of a button. Switching between experiments also involves a single click. This simple, easy to use operation reduces time spent learning how to operate the system and increases throughput.

When first being exposed to NMR, many students find it difficult to understand and distinguish between chemical shift and j-coupling. Two-dimensional NMR experiments project additional information into a second dimension, which tremendously facilitates the interpretation of NMR spectra. Spinsolve supports 2D COSY and homonuclear j-resolved experiments.

Getting NMR into the hands of students at an early stage is just part of the evolution in the world of NMR. The launch of the benchtop NMR spectrometers like the Spinsolve series of instruments has changed the face of education in chemistry with institutes around the world being able to adopt a low-cost, low-maintenance system to bring practical teaching into undergraduate teaching laboratories.

We have a series of laboratory manuals to help you integrate the Spinsolve into your undergraguate laboratory course. For more information, please fill in your contact details on the right

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