Portable NMR

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Portable NMR

Although NMR is a powerful technique, it is has been restricted historically by the need to bring the object under investigation to the instrument. This has limited the size and types of objects and materials that can be studied by NMR, and therefore also has limited the potential of NMR techniques for solving industrial problems. Magritek portable NMR technology realises the promise of taking the NMR instrument to the sample, significantly increasing the potential to take NMR solutions to a broader range of sample challenges.

Portable NMR Instruments

For some large samples, such as concrete, food, or wood, sample access is highly restricted. The NMR-MOUSE allows NMR of samples outside the probe up to a depth of 50 mm.

The Kea modular spectrometer is slightly larger but still very portable – it can be operated on 24 V from a car battery. The flexible Kea is more configurable and has a broader frequency range than the LapSpec.