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NMR Rock Core Analyzer

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The Magritek 2MHz NMR Rock core analyzer is used to analyse core samples from hydrocarbon reservoirs.   A range of core sizes can be accommodated, from 1″ diameter to 4″ diameter.

Magritek’s Rock Core Analyzer has very short echo times down to 30 microseconds which enable high resolution analysis of of pore size distribution.   The system has a very high signal to noise ratio which significantly reduces the measurement time for a single sample, particularly on tight rock samples where small pores dominate.


Spinsolve Benchtop NMR Spectrometer for Petrochemical Analysis

The Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometer can be used to analyse crude oils, fuels and other petrochemical products. This can be used for chemometrics which is important for crude oil combinations and predicting product properties.

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crude oils

1H NMR spectra of 9 different crude oils.

Sample Type Location Density (g/mL) at 15.54 °C Density (°API) at 15.54 °C Sulfur content
1 Paraffinic Bakken – North Dakota, U.S.A. (North America) 0.815 42.0 0.10%
2 Paraffinic South Louisiana – Louisiana, U.S.A. (North America) 0.839 37.0 0.21%
3 Paraffinic Berri – Saudi Arabia (Middle East) 0.839 37.0 1.00%
4 Paraffininc-napthenic Qua Iboe – Nigeria (West Africa) 0.855 34.0 0.15%
5 Napthenic Hoops – Texas, U.S.A. (North America) 0.869 31.4 1.00%
6 Aromatic-intermediate Arabian – Saudi Arabia (Middle East) 0.870 31.1 2.48%
7 Aromatic-napthenic Vasconia – Colombia (South America) 0.909 24.2 0.56%
8 Aromatic-asphaltic Oriente – Ecuador (South America) 0.9105 24.0 1.31%
9 Aromatic-asphaltic Merey – Venezuela (South America) 0.968 14.7 2.74

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