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It is our goal to take NMR out of the standard lab environment bringing NMR to the application and the sample

Chemistry Education

Spinsolve is the perfect way to provide NMR as part of an undergraduate teaching
program. The high sensitivity and advanced capability means it is fast and
informative, critically important for a busy class. Spinsolve provides convenient, high performance NMR at a fraction of the cost of traditional NMR systems.


Analytical NMR

NMR is an excellent tool for quantification and identification. The peaks in the spectrum will appear in predictable locations in the spectrum and their intensities are proportional to the number of nuclei in the sample. In other words, the peaks are a chemical signature and the sample concentration is proportional to the intensity of the NMR signal detected. Sample concentrations and purities can be easily measured from known peaks once the proportionality constant is calibrated using a reference of known concentration. Using these peak positions and relative intensities, the compounds, mixtures and impurities in a sample can be identified or quantified.

NMR Research

The problems and challenges encountered by NMR and MRI research scientists motivated the development of Magritek’s solutions. Our products are the result of years of research by our team of world experts in NMR.

Reaction Monitoring

The Spinsolve high-resolution benchtop NMR spectrometer can be installed directly in the fume hood of a chemistry lab to monitor the progress of chemical reactions on-line. Reactants can be pumped in continuous mode from the reactor to the magnet and back using standard PTFE tubing.


Quality control is a constant challenge in food science and technology. High resolution proton NMR spectroscopy has been extensively used to characterize liquid foodstuffs, but due to the high cost of large superconducting NMR systems these methods have largely been limited to research labs. The Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometer is is an affordable solution for industrial use.

Portable NMR

Although NMR is a powerful technique, it is has been restricted historically by the need to bring the object under investigation to the instrument.

Forensic Drug Analysis

Forensic scientists all over the world presented with drug samples must answer the questions: What is this Drug? How pure is it? These scientists require a quick and reliable method that will give specific identification and accurate quantitation. The Magritek Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometer overcomes the limitations of high field NMR and could be the ideal solution for forensics laboratories due to its small footprint, simple sample preparation and superior performance.


Magritek industrial solution products are built to provide specific valuable measurements for industrial and commercial applications.