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Intellectual Property is important to us

Magritek’s innovative technology is protected by the following patents:

  • NZ 520114  NMR Apparatus
  • US7391215  NMR Apparatus
  • AU2003281119 NMR Apparatus
  • NZ550298  NMR Spectra extraction Method
  • NZ571863 Magnetic Field Generating Apparatus
  • US7358734  Single-Sided NMR Sensor With Microscopic Depth Resolution
  • US8035388  Method And Apparatus For Providing A Sensitive Volume For Single-Sided NMR
  • US8148988 Magnet Arrangement And Method For Providing A Magnetic Field In A Sensitive Volume
  • EP2144076  Segmented ring magnet arrangement for providing a magnetic field

MAGRITEK, SPINSOLVE, TERRANOVA, and NMR-MOUSE are all registered trademarks of Magritek Holdings Ltd