Isranalytica 2019 Exhibition, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 22-23 January 2019

Magritek is really excited to be at ISRANALYTICA 2019 in Tel-Aviv, Israel from 22-23 January 2019. Our distributor ISI  and the Magritek team will have a live, working Spinsolve Benchtop NMR and our fabulous applications and support team will be there to answer all your benchtop NMR spectroscopy questions.


Please, don’t forget to assist to the Magritek session on the day 2 / 23 January, 16:20 Hr at the Hall B.


General Information

Date: January 22 & 23 , 2019
Location: The David Intercontinental Hotel
12 Kaufman Street, Tel Aviv 61501, Israel

In recent years, ISRANALYTICA has achieved major success and become the most appreciated and respected analytical chemistry meeting. It is definitely the largest chemistry conference in Israel, accompanied by the largest scientific exhibition.

ISRANALYTICA has been recognized as an international conference, attracting visitors from all over the world. More than 3,000 participants attended ISRANALYTICA 2018 from the academia, chemical industry, analytical instruments industry, major laboratories and companies. Over 70 vendors presented their goods, accompanied by experts representing manufacturers and others.

The scientific program will cover a large variety of topics in analytical chemistry. Leading researchers from the academia and industry will present recent studies and will discuss the most exciting developments in the field. The program will include several plenary lectures by international top scientists, oral presentations (in parallel sessions), featuring speakers from Israel and abroad and a large poster session.

ISRANALYTICA introduces the latest advancements in instrumentation and analytical techniques, accompanied by the manufacturers’ experts. The exhibition includes the newest analytical instruments together with hands-on features of the techniques & instruments directly from the developers. The exhibition is the largest analytical chemistry exhibition in Israel. It is a great opportunity to meet friends and colleagues, discuss scientific issues and learn about other analytical works. The meeting is an excellent platform to form new scientific partnerships.

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