XXI. Symposium der GTFCh, 11. – 13. April 2019 in Mosbach/Germany.

CSI in Mosbach ? Forensische Toxikologie – nicht so wie im Fernsehen

Magritek is participating in the XXI Mosbacher Symposium in Forensic Toxicology in Mosbach – Germany. You’ll get a chance to meet us, learn about our company and we’ll get you acquainted with Spinsolve – high-performance benchtop NMR spectrometer that offers impressive sensitivity and resolution, it is robust and easy to use. We are looking forward to seeing you at this conference !!!

The  Symposium will include Trends in der Forensischen Chemie und Toxikologie

The Venue :

Alte Mälzerei, Alte Bergsteige 7, Mosbach (Baden),

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