Agenda and Registration details for Free Benchtop NMR Workshop, 21st August, 12.30pm at ACS Washington.

We are delighted to share the agenda and registration details for our complementary Benchtop NMR Workshop on Monday 21st August during the 254th American Chemical Society, National Meeting and Exposition in Washington D.C.

“Benchtop NMR: Applications in Industry & Academia” will take place on Monday, August 21st from 12:30 – 3:30 PM in WEWCC Exhibit Hall B, Workshop Room 2.

We have five top speakers sharing their insights on benchtop NMR usage across a wide variety of applications.

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We will also be exhibiting at booth #801 during the conference, stop by to say hello and speak with our scientific team.

“Method Development Using Benchtop 19F NMR for Measuring API in Emulsion Drug Products”

Dr. Sharadrao Patil
Postdoctoral Fellow
U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Abstract: The 19F isotope is 100% at natural abundance and has comparable gyromagnetic ratio to 1H. NMR spectra of 19F are used to study active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) identification and quantification in different formulations such as tablets and parenterals. Learn more >>

“NMR in Forensic Drug Analysis of Novel Psychoactive Substances”

Dr. Aaron Urbas
Research Chemist
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Abstract: A growing portion of the forensic laboratory’s workload is the identification of newly emerging synthetic drugs presented as exhibit materials after seizure events. A need exists for the rapid characterization of ESD products to facilitate casework of the drug chemistry laboratory. Read more >>

“Practical Use of 13C Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy in an Undergraduate Laboratory”

Robert Espina
Senior Application Scientist

Abstract: Traditionally, undergraduate students are introduced to NMR spectroscopy through the analysis and interpretation of 1H NMR spectra. A significant advantage of 1H NMR is its high sensitivity, meaning spectra can be acquired very quickly, which is very important in any undergraduate lab. Continue Reading >>

“Benchtop NMR-Based Compound Screening and Verification”

Dr. J. Mark Dixon
Senior Account Manager & Business Development, USA & Canada

Abstract: Sample screening to verify the identity or integrity of a compound or raw material is a key function of many quality control (QA/QC) labs. NMR spectroscopy is extremely well suited to many QA/QC applications because of its high degree of specificity and the valuable quantitative information it can provide. Keep Reading >>

“Reaction Monitoring with Time-Domain Data Analysis”

Dr. Paul Bowyer
Product Support Manager

Abstract: Current techniques for collecting on-line reaction monitoring data (i.e., LC, MS, IR) suffer from issues such as poor selectivity and/or poor temporal resolution.  NMR is an attractive choice for this application, as it is intrinsically quantitative and highly selective.  Continue Reading >>

We hope that you will join this free, informative, and insightful workshop. Be sure to visit us at booth #801 for more information!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the event.

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