Continuos Flow Reaction Conference, Delft (NL), 8-9-10 November 2016

Magritek is really excited to be this year at Continuos Flow Reaction Conference  in Delft, Netherland from 8-9-10 November 2016.. Our team will have a live, working Spinsolve Benchtop NMR and our fabulous applications and support team will be there to answer all your benchtop NMR spectroscopy questions.

The TU Delft Process Technology Institute (DPTI) focuses its educational and research efforts on realizing significant scientific impact that assists (bio)chemical, energy and materials industries to meet sustainability challenges of the future. Research is centered around three major scientific areas:

  • Biochemical Process Engineering
  • Process Intensification
  • Process Technology for Advanced Materials

DPTI is a partnership among nineteen process technology related chairs in three TU Delft departments: Chemical Engineering, Process & Energy and Biotechnology.

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