Run Spinsolve using IconNMR and directly process in TopSpin

In NMR spectroscopy it is useful when the raw data files from the instrument are saved such that they can open in data analysis software from another vendor.  For example, by saving Spinsolve data files in JCAMP-DX you can open and process the data in a range of software including Mestrelab MNova, ACD/Spectrus, and Bruker’s TopSpin.

Magritek have taken this integration one step further and you can now directly operate the Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometer using a special version of the Bruker IconNMR control and acquisition software.  It is then a single step to directly open the data in TopSpin for detailed analysis.

TopSpin on Spinsolve Lores Image

Students can now gain valuable hands-on experience running IconNMR and TopSpin on a compact robust cost-effective NMR spectrometer.  This gives students the experience of using the same software interface they might use later in their course on a higher field NMR spectrometer. This reduces the learning curve and barriers to using NMR.

The Spinsolve spectrometer is run from the IconNMR interface by use of the Spinsolve remote control command set.  This means all the spectrometer experiments can be run and available parameters adjusted, however you cannot use pulse programming or other advanced features of TopSpin.  See the brochure or contact Magritek sales team for more information on what you can do with this new integration.

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