A Briefcase Full of NMR

The front page article in the latest issue of the Analytical Scientist is all about the history and developments in Benchtop NMR and has the very cool title A Briefcase Full of NMR. The article covers the innovative work of Magritek founder Prof. Bernhard Blümich and colleague Dr Peter Blümler developing the world’s first simple, portable and compact NMR systems in the 1990’s.

These inventions inspired the development of highly homogenous Halbach magnets which give every Magritek Spinsolve benchtop NMR spectrometer its fantastic sensitivity, resolution and stability.  This “mind-melding” inspiration also led to the creation of the unilateral NMR sensors that are found today in Magritek’s NMR-MOUSE.

The full PDF of the issue can be downloaded here.



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